My Bucket List

Below is my Bucket List. In no particular order. No time table. Some big dreams. Some little dreams. Some things that might seem improbable. Some that I could do tomorrow.Either way…here’s some things that I want to see happen during my life…

1. Adopt a child

2. Go to Rome

3. Have lunch with the Pope (ok so maybe just see the Pope in person)

4. Have lunch with Rob Bell

5. Write a book

6. Go to every MLB park

7. Be out of debt (Live on 20% of my income and give-a-way 80%)

8. Live in San Diego, CA

9. Take communion at Mass (I’m not catholic)

10. Race Go-Karts

11. Go to Hawaii

12. Fly a plane (take a flight lesson)

13. Go to the Final Four

14. See a Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium

15. Go to the Master’s

16. Go to the World Series

17. Be on staff at Purdue Campus House

18. Play catch with an MLB player

19. Preach at a Revival

20. Go to a Packers Football Game

21. Go to the Red Wood Forest

22. Study at Mars Hill Theological Seminary

23. Write an article for a magazine

24. Perform my son and daughters weddings

25. Spend a weekend in silence

26. Experience a hurricane first hand

27. Fast from soda for a year

28. Play guitar in the subway

29. Visit a winery

30. See a show on broadway

31. Take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse

32. Speak at Anderson Universities chapel

33. Retire in Jackson Hole, WY

34. Go Deep Sea Fishing

35. Go on a cruise

36. Physically help dig a well with Charity: Water

37. Go to Ireland

38. Chase a greased pig

39. Go to the running of the bulls

40. Visit a lighthouse/spend a weekend in a lighthouse

41. Coach baseball

42. Have the opportunity to baptize my children

43. Own an imac

44. Own a log cabin

45. Get a tattoo

46. Go to Jerusalem

47. Ride in a cab

48. Go to University Baptist Church in Waco, TX

49. Meet Mike & Mike from Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN

50. Play in the World Series of Poker

51. Go to the San Diego Zoo

52. Save someone who is drowning

53. Play golf at a private golf course

54. Be a bat boy for one game at a MLB game

55. Take a photography class

56. See the Blue Man Group live in the front row

57. Be mentored by a Jewish Rabbi

58. Receive my Masters in Religious Studies from UNCC

59. Have a Basset Hound dog

60. Help re-build a car engine

61. Help build a house

62. Teach my kids how to ride a bike

63. Learn how to use Photoshop

64. Have a garden

65. Drive in a Demolition Derby

66. Eat at a high class, pricey streak restaurant (paid by someone else)

67. Learn to use a pottery wheel

68. Go on a fishing trip with Marcus

69. Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy from beginning to end

70. Go to the Little League World Series

71. Read the Bible from front to back again

72. Go to a rain forest

73. Go to the Kentucky Derby

74. Live a life that is defined by the pursuit which will mean I will always be adding to this list…

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